The hardest hits can drive the intensity levels to a boiling point in football games. These stories are typical in the preseason when most players are trying to prove who has the biggest chip on their shoulder to their opponents and critics going into the regular season.

In tonight's preseason matchup between the Ravens versus Redskins, this was no different.  The intensity quickly reached a fever pitch after this hard hit on Raven's receiver Kamar Aiken:

Then a fight broke starting with Ravens other veteran wide receiver Steve Smith, Sr. and Redskins conerback Chris Culliver, from which got both players ejected from the game...


And the story then spills over into the coaching ranks. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh argued for an unnecessary roughness call on his wide-out getting clipped from behind. Redskins coach Jay Gruden had something to say about it, and then Harbaugh and Gruden had some words. You can try to lip-read what was said here:


Once Steve Smith, Sr. was kicked out, he literally bowed out gracefully to the crowd. How classy of him!


Instead of being leaving the arena altogether, or watching it from the locker room, Smith, Sr. decided to stay at the game. He took to the stands to finish watching the game with his son.

His son must feel like he has the coolest dad in that stadium. Rightfully so.

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