Saying something even remotely inflammatory about Ronda Rousey sounds like a terrible idea, doesn't it? Like, if you saw the way that she dismantled Bethe Correia in 34 seconds earlier this month, there's no way that you're talking trash about her, right? Errr…

Rousey's ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub appeared on Joe Rogan's "Fight Companion" podcast over the weekend and, while speaking about Rousey and her recent dominance in the world of MMA, Schaub didn't have many nice things to say about Rousey. In fact, he claimed that he was "too much" of a man for Rousey during their relationship and went as far as to say that she surrounds herself with nothing but yes men who bow down to her and are afraid to say no.

"I'm not the guy for the job," he said when asked about the idea of reuniting with her. "She needs a guy who's gonna take a backseat…She's surrounded by people that worship her and go, 'Yes, yes…That's a great idea.' But when I went, 'That's not a good idea,' now I'm a hater."

Rogan shut down the anti-Rousey talk almost immediately "out of respect for her," but he probably did Schaub a huge favor. He was headed down what seemed like a very dangerous path here. Watch Schaub discuss Rousey in the clip above.

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[via TMZ Sports]