For the last 10 years or so, Otis Newell has served as a youth football coach in the state of California. Most recently, he served as the defensive coordinator at Simi Valley High School. But as of right now, Newell is unemployed—and it's all because he tried to launch a career as a rapper during his time as a coach.

Simi Valley cut ties with Newell recently after one of his fellow coaches found a music video that he shot for his song, "U Need It, I Got It." In the video, Newell is seen selling drugs out of an ice cream truck:

And while he's tried to explain that the video does not portray his current lifestyle, Simi Valley let him go after seeing it.

"Although the music video and song lyrics are not reflective of how you are currently living your life as a husband, father, or coach, the images and activities portrayed in the video are ones we cannot support," the school said in an email that they sent to Newell. "Therefore, reinstating you as a football coach with Simi Valley Unified is not possible."

In the video above, Newell explains why he doesn't think he should have lost his job. Do you agree with him?

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