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Yesterday, the NBA announced their pricing plan for League Pass next season. It'll cost you $199 to get access to every single NBA game. It'll cost you $119 to watch every single NBA game featuring your favorite team. And for the first time ever, the league will allow you to watch an individual NBA game that's not being broadcast on national television for the low, low price of just…$6.99.

To us, that seems steep. Especially when you consider that just about every game that you really want to see will probably be nationally televised. For example, that first Clippers/Mavericks game? Yeah, we're counting on that being on TV. Same with the first Warriors/Cavaliers game. And the first Spurs/Cavaliers game. And the first [enter any team here except maybe, like, the Kings here]/Cavaliers game.

But what about if you want to watch, say, the Timberwolves play the Bucks in a matchup of two, up-and-coming teams that could be title contenders in a few years (we're not kidding!)? Then you have the option to pay $6.99 to see it. It's something that could benefit those fans who want to watch select out-of-market games but don't necessarily want to shell out 200 bucks for a full season.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea? A bad idea? A pointless idea that will ultimately go away next season after the NBA realizes that there are six people out there willing to pay 7 dollars to watch the T'wolves and Bucks play? Let us know by taking our quick quiz below.