Vince Staples is a fan of the Clippers. He talked about supporting the Clips back in May when he went in on Kobe Bryant during a radio interview. But apparently, the Long Beach, Calif. rapper isn't a big fan of the way Clippers point guard Chris Paul is doing things right now.

Earlier today, Staples went on a Twitter rant and absolutely trashed CP3. We don't know if it was because of the speculation surrounding CP3's involvement in DeAndre Jordan's recent exit from Los Angeles or what. But Staples didn't pull any punches as he ripped CP3 and all the fans who tried to argue with him.

Check out his entire rant here:

Sooooooo…Maybe he'd prefer cheering for the Warriors? Or Kings? Or…uhhh, you're running out of Cali teams, Vince!


Lil B has responded! Look out, CP3...

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