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Just about every video that we've ever seen of a fan running on to a field or court in the middle of a professional sporting event has ended the same way—with the fan being led away by security. Once you commit to interrupting a game, you're basically committing to getting yourself arrested. One Reds fan found a way to beat the system last night, though. At least, until he decided to incriminate himself.

Justin Buchanan, 19, ran on to the field in the eighth inning of a Cubs/Reds game in Cincinnati, filmed himself doing it, and then managed to hop over the fence in the outfield and escape without getting caught. He left the ballpark and everything and even managed to drive two hours to his home in Noblesville, Ind. It was perfect!

But then, Buchanan decided to put his name out there. First, he posted his selfie video on Twitter. Then, he did an interview with ABC 6 Indianapolis and talked about what he'd done. And now, he's likely going to face charges once the authorities are able to track him down.

In all likelihood, Buchanan probably would have ended up getting caught anyway. It's not like people didn't see what he did. But by releasing his name, age, and hometown, he basically just gave the police an open invitation to come visit him. And because he's bragging about what he did, we wouldn't expect the Reds to take it lightly on him.

Watch the clip above to hear more about what Buchanan did and to check out some of his selfie video. Oh, and if you're thinking about trying to do what Buchanan did, DON'T DO IT. As he's probably about to find out, it's just not worth it.

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