It's been more than two years now since Lance Armstrong admitted to doping during a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. But it sounds like the former great is still a pariah in the cycling community.

Armstrong is currently taking part in a charity event called "One Day Ahead" at the Tour de France that features cyclists riding all 21 stages of the Tour to raise money for leukemia. It's a worthy cause, but it has upset the Tour's organizers and some of the Tour's riders. They are mad that Armstrong is essentially stealing some of their media attention away.

Armstrong understands why some people aren't happy with his decision to return to the Tour right now.

"I understand peoples' reactions," he told Cycling News. "I understand there are still some hurt feelings and that's a process I'll walk through for a long, long time."

But he also continues to play the "Ya know, I wasn't the only one doping!" card.

"Why am I not welcome?" he asked. "Because I'm a doper? If that were the rule, the caravan would almost be empty. I don't mean the riders in this Tour, but in the press room, the commentary boxes, team cars. We all rode in an unfortunate era. But if you're going to apply a standard, it has to be universal."

As we mentioned, it's been more than two years since Armstrong made his big admission. But clearly, time still hasn't healed all wounds.

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[via CNN]

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