Maybe not the most shocking news, but who doesn't love a good "Kobe Bryant yells at his teammates" story?

Jordan Hill, the current Pacers forward who played his last three seasons in Los Angeles, opened up about his Lakers experience during his introductory press conference in Indiana. And by "his Lakers experience" we mean "the experience of being screamed at by one of the most competitive athletes in history." See for yourself:

“But when he’s on the floor it’s like...all you hear is Kobe mouth. On the floor all you hear is Kobe’s mouth, like during practice and games so it get loud. It get loud. A lot of people can’t handle that I guess.”

You hear that, D'Angelo Russell and Roy Hibbert? That's the sound of your sanity slowly slipping away as The Mamba berates your pathetic basketball efforts while taking 40 shots a game. Good luck with all that.

Long live Kobe!

[via ProBasketballTalk]