Doesn't ANYONE want to play with Kobe Bryant next season? Anyone at all?

Two days ago, the Lakers and their fans were convinced that they were going to be able to sign at least one big-name free agent when the 2015 NBA free agency period started. They had their sights set on LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, and DeAndre Jordan, and they thought they'd be able to convince one of them to come in next season and play alongside Kobe.

Things haven't worked out for them so far, though. Aldridge reportedly wasn't happy with the presentation that the Lakers gave to him:

Love decided to re-sign with the Cavaliers:

And Jordan was reportedly like, "Nah, I'm good," after hearing the Lakers' pitch:

Even Greg Monroe has reportedly decided to take his talents to Milwaukee—MILWAUKEE!—to play for the Bucks instead of heading to L.A. to play for the Lakers or New York City to play for the Knicks. So as of right now, the Lakers have signed…no one. Welp.

It's not sitting real well with Kobe, who took to Twitter last night to respond to all of the recent Lakers-related reports with a sarcastic meme, and it's also not sitting real well with Lakers fans who are quickly losing faith in their team's ability to attract free agents. It's actually gotten so bad that some of them are even blaming Kobe for what's happening right now. Double welp.

Scroll down to see just how depressed, distraught, and discouraged Lakers fans are getting. And then ask yourself again: Doesn't ANYONE want to play with Kobe Bryant next season? Apparently not...