On Saturday morning, the only available football for the public from this year's AFC Championship Game where the Indianapolis Colts took on the New England Patriots was auctioned off for $43,740. If you're wondering why someone paid one of the highest prices ever for a pigskin, it should be pointed out that this particular ball comes from the now infamous DeflateGate contest. 

You know, the game which eventually resulted in the Patriots getting fined $1 million, losing two draft picks and forcing Tom Brady out for the first four games of the 2015 season

Lelands.com sold the football for Laura Nichols, who was given the pigskin after Brandon LaFell handed it to her following a LaGarrette Blount touchdown. While the company's chairman Joshua Evans believed the ball would go for somewhere in the $100,000 range, the piece of history still went for a pretty hefty sum. 

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