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Comedian/alleged(?) serial rapist Bill Cosby has seen his public persona go from lovable to terrifying in a very short time period. And in that very short time period we've seen a number of organizations (and people) distance themselves for reasons that are blatant and forehead smackingly obvious. After all, kids saying the darndest things no longer seems very cute when the guy interviewing them has been accused of sexual assault by 39 (at last count) women.

But alas, outside of Whoopi Goldberg, one of the final remaining organizations (possibly unintentionally) standing by Bill is the Harlem Globetrotters. As of now, the world famous exhibition team still has Cosby listed on their website, even if their YouTube interview with David Letterman where he talks about his moves with the team has been scrubbed clean (probably through either a copyright violation or somebody who worked for The Late Show). Instead all that's left is a GIF of Cosby being goofy during said interview back when audiences were still capable of thinking of him as goofy:

In case you were wondering, Dr. Huxtable is one of only two men to ever receive lifetime contracts with the Globetrotters. Both were equally skilled at the game of basketball. The first was Cosby in 1972. And the second was Magic Johnson in 2003. For compensation Cosby receives one dollar per year, or at least he did until 1986 when they generously bumped him up to a dollar and five cents.

Anyways Vice Sports (linked to below) reached out to the Globetrotters to ask about where Cosby currently stands with the organization and they haven't yet responded, which means we'll soon find out just how airtight that $1.05 lifetime contract really is.

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