On Wednesday's The View, Whoopi Goldberg revisited her thoughts on the undeniably troubling Bill Cosby situation by doubling down with some passionate discourse. "Not any of you threatening me or telling me you’re coming after me because you don’t like what I said is going to change the fact that no one has convicted him," Goldberg tells her (surely minimal?) daytime audience. "He has not been arrested, and the bottom line is — that’s the law. Innocent until proven guilty."

Though the "innocent until proven guilty" sentiment is certainly true, Cosby's increasingly validated sexual assault allegations would — for most — seem to be immune to such rhetoric. Goldberg, previously considered likeable and even downright charming, is towing the hard line on an argument that doesn't need to exist. Do we really need someone passionately opining to daytime TV audiences about protecting the accused using victim-shaming tactics?

Sadly, Goldberg's remarks quickly worsened — including an unfounded comparison that will likely echo across Twitter relentlessly for the next 48 hours or so. "If you're the mother of a son who gets accused," Goldberg says, "you want to keep 'innocent until proven guilty,' just as the parents of the boys of the Duke lacrosse team. Remember that? We raked them across the coals, burned them at the stake, took away every opportunity they had at school [and] they were done. Turns out, it wasn't true." Catch the full clip here.