During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Entourage star Jeremy Piven confirmed something that we all pretty much knew already: Dennis Rodman used to be into some really weird stuff back in the 1990s. We're not referring to his hair, though. Or his tattoos. Or his desire to put on a wedding dress and marry himself (but sidebar: WTF was that all about?). Rather, we're talking about The Worm's sex life. Piven revealed that he spent some time asking Michael Jordan about Rodman once, and MJ told him that he used to get Rodman and his "large naked body" out of some, er, interesting situations during the Bulls' championship runs.

"During those years, he had some eccentric characters around him like Dennis Rodman," Piven told Jimmy Kimmel. "So, you know, Rodman just kept wanting to go to Vegas and live the dream while they're in the playoffs. And they kept saying, 'We're almost there, brother. Just calm down. Carmen Electra—or your victory lap—is an inch away, but just hold it together.' And MJ had to just go and clean up the mess a lot of times and grab Dennis and pull his large naked body out of a situation and bring him to practice. That's the way life was for them."

Strange as that story is, though, it doesn't come close to touching some of the other strange sex stories that we've heard about Rodman over the years. We know way more than we should about what that guy does when he's between the sheets. Here are 12 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Dennis Rodman's Sex Life. TMI, Dennis!