The Cavs went into the summer of 2005 looking for a legitimate sidekick for LeBron James, who had been devoid of a second scorer since he arrived in Cleveland in 2003. The Cavs set their sights on both Ray Allen and Michael Redd, both of whom declined to sign with the Cavs, opting to re-up with their current teams instead. All that was left was Larry Hughes, who was coming off a season with the Washington Wizards in which he averaged a career high 22 points per game.

Out of options and needing to make a move, the Cavs pounced. Hughes averaged respectable numbers during his two seasons in Cleveland (14.9 and 15.5 points per game, respectively), but never came close to that player he was in Washington. His numbers plummeted across the board, including his shooting percentage, which eventually fell to 40 percent by the 2006-2007 season. Hughes was also plagued by injuries, playing in just 36 games his first year with the Cavs and missing the NBA Finals the following season with a hand injury.