When you have a basketball camp named after you, you expect to be the star. It's pretty simple. But yesterday, for like two seconds, a kid stole the spotlight from DeMarcus Cousins at his own "Elite Skills Camp," by dropping in a bucket over the seven-foot All-Star. When you watch the video (and you should, it's 20 freakin' seconds) it's obvious Cousins lets the youngster go between his legs--this isn't the AND 1 Tour, after all. But then it looks like Boogie legitimately tries to swat the kid, fails, and all a sudden the house gets brought down (as it should). Afterward Cousins hoists the child as he would a Larry O'Brien (you know, if he weren't in Sacramento).

Anyway that kid should expect a recruiting letter from Coach Cal sometime in the very near future.

[via @boogiecousins]

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