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Finally, someone is trying to put an end to Colin Cowherd's continued rants on Wizards star John Wall.

Cowherd's go-to move when it comes to Wall is tearing him apart for doing the Dougie more than six years ago. Kentucky coach John Calipari appeared on Cowherd's ESPN Radio show Friday morning to defend his former player, which was how Cowherd promoted it. But when Coach Cal came on, Cowherd tried to steer to conversation another way, asking him about Lexington, recruiting, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

But eventually, Calipari had enough of Cowherd and defended the All-Star guard.

“You’ve got to stop on John Wall,” the coach said. “You’re out of your mind. He did something six years ago when he was 19 years old. He does a dance. What was the name of the dance? Stop. That was seven years ago. Here’s what I would say to you: He and Derrick Rose and a couple other guys are the best point guards in the league. They are.”

After an argument about Rose and Wall, Cowherd then brought up the incident where Wall was reportedly kicked off a plane with his friends.

“Don’t you think he could mature a little?” Cowherd asked.

“Oh no, I’m with you,” Calipari said. “Listen, he has come so far. There’s not one time that he doesn’t text me or call me that ends with ‘Coach, I love you.’ Are you kidding me? And I’m telling you, he took over a franchise that was abysmal; they’re now in the playoffs. He’s 24 years old. Here’s what I would say: You can say, look, he doesn’t shoot [that well]. He’s becoming a better leader. He did the Dougie. He lost his mind. He didn’t know better. It was immature. And that’s why I come back to with you, you’re like that guy that’s hooked on this thing about the Dougie, so it’s driving you crazy. You’ve got to go to church, ask for forgiveness. Let it go by. Let it go. Forgive.”

Yeah, Cowherd definitely needs to get to church. Or just stop talking about John Wall. Either will do at this point.

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