Dwyane Wade has until June 29 to decide if he will stay with the Miami Heat or opt out and turn down the $16.1 million he is set to make next season. Recent reports indicate that Wade is seeking a major increase in pay, somewhere in the range of $20 million per year and the Heat front office don't appear willing to shell out that type of money for the 12-year pro. 

Prior to Game 6 of the 2015 NBA Finals, Wade, who serving as an analyst, referenced his time with the Heat in the past tense. Speculation immediately grew that the 11-time All-Star already made his mind up, even though he had previously dodged the question earlier in the series. While Wade still has more than a week to reach his final decision, his father may already have his mind made up as to where his son should take his talents for next season.

Is Wade's father just a fan and friend of former Heat LeBron James and supporting the Cavs' run in the playoffs? Or, does his pops know something we will all find out soon enough?


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