The last six months have gone amazingly well for Cam Newton. At the end of the 2014-15 NFL season, he was seriously injured in a car accident. But since then, he's led his team to the NFL Playoffs, won the first playoff game of his career, and, most recently, earned himself the kind of payday that most people can only dream about.

Newton just signed a five-year, $103.8 million contract with the Panthers. And it's not one of those backloaded contracts that includes money he's never going to see, either (hi, Andy Dalton). It includes $60 million in guaranteed money and about $67 million over the first three years. So Newton is going to get paid. Paid as much as almost any other quarterback in the NFL:

We imagine he's thrilled about his new deal. But do you know who's even happier about it than Newton is? Andrew Luck! The Colts haven't been in a big rush to sign Luck to a new deal. But that's going to work in his favor. Because with Newton signing such a large deal, he stands to make a ton of money when his current contract is up. And NFL fans have definitely taken notice of that. Just check out some of the tweets that they're sending after learning about Newton's new contract.