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Part of being a successful boxer is being able to talk trash to your opponents. The other part is being able to back it up. And while British boxer Adam "Lights Out" Little, who is currently 12-0 in his professional career, might be able to handle the second part of that, he's not going to be allowed to talk trash to anyone ever again. Because according to a report released this week, Little was involved in a bar brawl with a 22-year-old woman named Kiah Kuzan back on New Year's Eve, and she knocked him out with a single punch.

In fairness to Little, it does sound like Kuzan caught him with a punch when he wasn't looking. He was reportedly approaching a group of bouncers inside the bar to let them know that Kuzan's boyfriend, who had been thrown out of the bar a short time before the incident, didn't deserve to get the ax. Kuzan mistakenly thought he was the reason her boyfriend had gotten tossed, though, and responded by punching him in the mouth and knocking him to the ground. It resulted in Little losing several teeth. And after it happened, Kuzan also taunted Little by sending him a Facebook message along with a note that said, "Good Luck in your career."

Kuzan was just sentenced to eight weeks in jail, put on a curfew, and ordered to pay for the repairs that were done to Little's teeth after she punched him. But Little, who used to be trained by former boxing champion Ricky Hatton, is going to have a tough time living this down. And it could end up having a big impact on his career and, more importantly, his ability to trash talk to other fighters and promote matches moving forward.

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