Paul Pierce is floating this playoff season. On Playoffs Eve, he called out like half the Eastern Conference, went ahead and helped his Wizards sweep the Raptors in fantastic trolling fashion, and "called game" on the Hawks last week. His shit-talking has been wholly backed-up by his individual heroics, as well as his team's play—John Wall or not, the Wizards are seemingly streaking off Pierce's emotional cues. 

It's apparently been enough to have Pierce's name officially cast on a presidential ballot... in Poland!

The ballot was cast by Polish man Bartosz Bielecki, who also writes for this Wizards blog.

The lone vote wasn't enough to propel Pierce to the next round—yes, the next round. Poland isn't too hot about any of the 11 actual candidates for president—none of the candidates got the required 50 percent vote to win the ticket—and there will be a run-off between the top two vote-earners. 

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[via DC Sports Blog