From sitting underneath the podium during one of her dad's press conferences (and upsetting a lot of bitter sports reporters in the process!) to singing the hook from Big Sean's "Blessed," Steph Curry's daughter Riley has turned herself into an Internet celebrity over the course of the last few weeks. And it doesn't look like she's going to stop killing us with cuteness anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Riley made a special guest appearance on her mom Ayesha's NBC Bay Area cooking show, Cookin' With The Currys. And while she was about as "helpful" as most 2-year-olds are in the kitchen, she managed to steal the show (again!) by doing cute things. Like insisting on cracking an egg and begging her mom to let her fire up the blender again because, well, who doesn't like to watch the blender do its thing?

Steph Curry made an appearance at the end of the episode as well to taste what Ayesha and Riley made (pancrepes!). But TBH, it wouldn't have mattered if he would have sat this one out. It's Riley's world, and we're all just living in it...

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