If you hit the gym on a regular basis, then you know that there's nothing worse than leg day. Chest? Cool. Arms? Fine. But legs? NOOOOOOO! It's the worst. Especially when you wake up the next morning and realize that you've forgotten how to walk properly. It's why there are a million and one "Skip Leg Day" memes like this out there:

John Cena doesn't have a problem with leg day, though. Apparently, the WWE wrestler actually likes working on his legs (go figure!). And to prove it, he posted a video on Twitter yesterday afternoon that showed him squatting more than 600 pounds. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, he also posted an inspirational quote about moving mountains because, you know, why not make everyone else feel bad about their own leg workouts when you're throwing 600 pounds around like it's nothing?

Ugh. I'm going to eat a donut.

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[via Uproxx]