During last night's Cavaliers 94-73 closeout and blowout of the Bulls in Chicago, Iman Shumpert and Nikola Mirotic were involved in a skirmish. Actually, it was more like a one-sided WWE match, as Mirotic hit Shumpert with a clothesline during a drive:

Mirotic received a flagrant-one for his foul. The real damage, however, had yet to be done. After the foul, something inside Shumpert awoke, because he couldn't stop making shots. 

He scored the Cavs' next seven points before the Bulls called a timeout and had Mirotic yanked. Shumpert had the last word though:

After the game, Shumpert had an ominous assessment of Mirotic's moves. 

Shumpert was still miffed by that wrestling tactic after the game. As he was getting dressed, he was telling James “That dude better be cool. I’m from here. I got my family here and everything. He wants to get out safe, don’t he?”

It prompted a laugh from his teammates and James responded, “He must not know you’re from The Chi.”


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[via ProBasketballTalk