If for some odd reason you haven't heard, some Drake tracks leaked today. That would give most artists a headache. But not today, because today's a fine spring day. And any fine spring day is a good day for baseball softball.

Drake's Houston Appreciation Weekend falls on this weekend. As scheduled, today is the Celebrity Softball Game at the University of Houston's Cougar Field. Texans running back Alfred BlueOdell Beckham Jr., and Ne-Yo were some of the other celebrities who took part.

Drake could've easily sat this one out since this is his event—it's not like this thing is dependent on him going to the plate. But Drake is a 28-year-old who likes sports. He's young and game.

Even after the struggle of Kentucky, he's still eager. Is he the type of guy who hits balls out of the park with ease, symbolically sending a message to those judging him off unfinished material? Or is he minor league? Let's find out.

Pretty unspectacular stuff. The 6 God got some foot speed (is running through the 6 a workout routine? Are Drake workout VHS tapes a la Taebo on their way?), but that doesn't mean much if that ball isn't getting distance.

From the looks of the results, Drake's squad didn't pick up the slack.

So cross baseball softball off the list of things Drake may be good at.


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