The couple of months after Wrestlemania can be uncertain. Most of the major storylines from the prior year have wrapped. And with the exception of a few, key rematches, the majority of superstars begin new feuds. It’s also the time of year that the WWE brings wrestlers onto the main roster from their developmental territories. It’s anyone’s guess how the fans will react to all of this.

But this year, coming off of an incredible Wrestlemania, the future seemed murkier than ever. First, AJ Lee retired. And although the WWE put a positive spin on it, there was no "goodbye" to the fans, or lengthy tribute on Raw—just a short career that, to many observers, ended abruptly and out of the blue. And then, more bad news—Daniel Bryan, who had just clinched the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania, was injured and unable to defend his title. Again. There’s speculation that he may have to retire, in order to preserve his long term health.

Here are 10 WWE Wrestlers Whose Careers Ended Too Early. We’re left wondering "what could have been," especially if the wrestler never reached his or her full potential.