There's a lot that Robert Griffin III could learn from Tom Brady. So during a joint practice that the Redskins and Patriots held last summer, RGIII tried his best to get Brady to give him some free advice. Only one problem: Brady was like, "Nah."

It sounds like he was nice enough about it. But RGIII just revealed that Brady shut him down when the Washington quarterback attempted to pick his brain:

That didn't stop RGIII from trying to learn a thing or two from Brady and the Patriots anyway. During those joint practices, RGIII says he watched and learned from the opposing team.

"What you do learn from watching [Brady]—and then watching the Patriots organization—you get a big-picture look at it," he just told "Man, honestly, they operate like a high school football team. You remember in high school, how the coach calls everybody up, gets on a knee and looks at the coach like what he is saying is the most important thing in the world? That's how the Patriots are."

This kind of lets you know where RGIII stands in the grand scheme of things. Brady is out here winning titles and building on his already-impressive legacy, and RGIII is just hoping he drops him a few breadcrumbs along the way.

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