When it comes to the world of sports, baseball is the most superstitious game there is. The Major Leagues stretch back almost 150 years, and in that time you’ve seen a collection of superstitions that extend to every facet of the game. Fans blame curses for championship droughts. Players make sure to step over (or on) the foul line every time they take the field. Some of the greatest players to ever play have stuck to the same traditions throughout their entire careers. When guys are going, good they stick with a routine to maintain those vibes. When guys are going bad, they switch it up to break the hex. Basically, any superstition can be justified at any time. That’s the beauty of insanity. Today we focus on the most out-there pregame rituals for a sport that hasn’t outgrown old wives tails. Here are the Strangest Pre-Game Rituals in MLB History.