Back in November, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times and said that he supports the idea of legalizing sports gambling. He doesn't necessarily think that the U.S. should legalize it, like, tomorrow. But once the country can find a way to regulate it, he wants to see it legalized. The way he sees it, people are already gambling on sports illegally and spending billions of dollars on it, so why not make it legal and put that money to good use here in the U.S.?

Sports Illustrated just did an interview with Wizards owner Ted Leonsis and asked him if he agrees with the Commissioner. And Leonsis—who also owns the NHL's Capitals—said that he would like to see sports gambling legalized sometime in the near future. Because people are already using services like Draft Kings and spending money on them, he thinks legalizing sports gambling is the logical next step.

"There's so much betting that goes on," he says. "It makes sense…It's better to get in front of it. The consumer is going to do what the consumer is going to do. We have to make sure that it's managed the right way."

Watch Leonsis talk about sports gambling in the clip above. Do you agree with him?

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[via Sports Illustrated]