Do the Clippers play the Warriors again during the regular season? No, right? [checks schedule] Whew. OK, good!

Don't get us wrong: We'd love to watch the Clippers and Warriors play. All day. But over the course of the last month, Stephen Curry has embarrassed Chris Paul not once, but twice. And he hasn't done it by simply beating up on his team. No, no. Curry has done that to just about everyone this season. But he's gone above and beyond when he's squared off against CP3.

Early last month, Curry did it by doing this to CP3:

NBA fans responded by calling CP3 "washed" and destroying him on social media.

And last night, Curry did it to him again by doing this:

And once again, Twitter reacted accordingly. Fortunately, CP3 didn't take it too seriously. He actually responded to a bunch of memes that Kevin Hart sent him by sending out this tweet:

But Curry definitely got him good, and a lot of the tweets and memes that came out of Curry's killer move were hilarious. Scroll down to check out The Best Twitter Reactions to Stephen Curry Embarrassing Chris Paul (Again).