Chris Paul is having an above-average season for the Clippers right now. He's scoring 18.5 points per game, which is on par with his career average of 18.6 PPG. He's also averaging 10.1 assists per game, which is better than his 9.9 APG career average. And his field-goal shooting percentage (47.9 percent), three-point shooting percentage (37.5 percent), and free-throw shooting percentage (88.2 percent) are all higher than his career averages. So he's far (far, far, far, far, far, far, faaaaaaar) from "washed."

However, during the Clippers/Warriors game on Sunday afternoon, this happened:

Then, this happened:

And now? Well, CP3 is officially washed in the eyes of hundreds of people on Twitter who took to the social media site to slander him for falling for a sick pump fake and then failing to stop Stephen Curry from hitting an unbelievably difficult three-pointer. Forget all of the solid stats that we just mentioned above—CP3 IS SOOOOOOO WASHED!

We obviously don't believe that. But we were surprised to see how many people mentioned CP3's name and words like "washed," "old," and "sucks" in the same sentence after what happened yesterday. Just scroll down to see some of the slander. This is all your fault, Steph!

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