On Sunday afternoon, Russell Wilson attended a Rangers/Mariners game at Safeco Field in Seattle. And while that normally wouldn't be all that newsworthy, it turned into a story when the @MLB Twitter account pointed out that the Seahawks quarterback looked like he was "trying to be incognito" at the game:

As it turns out, Wilson may have been trying to hide from the cameras because he was apparently at the game with—gasp—Ciara. You can't see here face in the photo above. But someone captured a shot of Wilson and his mystery woman at the game, and the woman appears to be wearing the same exact outfit that Ciara was wearing in an Instagram photo that she put up early yesterday. Here's the proof:


#Ciara is spotted on a date with #SeattleSeahawks player #RussellWilson at the #SeattleMariners game. #Cici #AllAccessWithChyna

A photo posted by All Access With Chyna (@chynasblog) on Apr 19, 2015 at 6:03pm PDT

So are the two dating? Neither side has confirmed (or denied) it yet. But as you'd imagine, the mere fact that they've been linked has led to more Future-related jokes about the couple than we can count on Twitter:

Stay tuned to see if these two are really an item.

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[via Necole Bitchie]