This is exactly why you're not allowed to keep your beer bottle at many sports stadiums around the world. Referees for an Australian rugby match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and South Sydney Rabbitohs (that's a really cool way to spell "rabbit," BTW) were hit with the classic hairdryer treatment last Friday.

Except instead of hairdryers, fans for the Canterbury Bulldogs threw bottles at the refs after a controversial call helped complete a Rabbitoh comeback victory. The call involved an "8-point try" and a "dangerous contact" penalty, which almost half-way sounds like a routine NFL play. Basically, Canterbury fans were mad that a subjective late-game refereeing decision helped determine the outcome of the game. That sounds more familiar, doesn't it? 

The referee making that hilarious slip actually had to be hospitalized for sustaining a shoulder injury on the fall. National Rugby League executive Todd Greenberg released this statement in response to the incident:

"I’ll be having discussions with the club, the stadium and the authorities to ensure the appropriate penalties are handed out.  There are a lot of marginal calls in rugby league, but what we saw today was completely unacceptable, and we will not tolerate it."

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