Where's the fun in knocking down a three-pointer and just jogging back to the other side of the court? There needs to be a little bit of stunting, right? While most guys live by that creed of keeping the showboating to a minimum, there are some players—a.k.a. the fun ones—who will do a little something extra to put that exclamation point on their made shot from downtown.

Usually, the three-point celebration incorporates some sort of twist on the hand gesture where you keep the middle, ring and pinky fingers extended while making a circle with your index and thumb. You know, the "okay" symbol. Sometimes, though, NBA players will add their own twist. It all depends on the player and the situation. And as you've probably seen...

...Things don't always work out for the best. But as we celebrate the 35th birthday of one Quentin "Q-Rich" Richardson, we're taking time to honor those who know how to emote from long range. From Swaggy P's well-known "Three Goggles" to Carmelo Anthony's "Three to the Head," here are Post Three-Point Shot Celebrations, RankedSorry, Steph.

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