While broadcasting last night's meaningless Suns-Mavericks game on ESPN, Mike Breen decided to make a little tie-in to the network's flagship programming for the month. Starting today, and throughout the weekend, The Masters will be shown on ESPN. Coming back from a commercial break, Breen pumped it after being prompted by a small graphic for the tournament. He quipped that Jeff Van Gundy on The Masters coverage would be hilarious (it would be), to which Mark Jackson mumbled, "I can't [imagine Van Gundy on the broadcast]."

Van Gundy, never one to hold his tongue on anything, pounced on Breen's unintentional alley-oop:

"Oh like they didn't allow black people and women [at Augusta]?" 


Jackson and Breen couldn't stop cracking up, but knowing ESPN and Augusta, neither will be too happy at JVG. At ESPN, hard facts about people/things who make them money have been difficult to swallow in the past, but Augusta's saltiness and discriminatory practices have been clear and criticized over the years. Georgia's Augusta National has hosted The Masters since the 1930s, but the club didn't allow its first black member until 1990, and it took until 2012 for the first female member to be admitted. 

JVG always keeps it 100. 

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[via Barstool Sports]