Did James Harden really wear a skirt before his game against the Mavericks last night? Um, no, he didn't. He actually wore a long T-shirt underneath of a shirt that kinda, sorta made it look like he was wearing a skirt. LeBron James rocked a similar look towards the end of the 2014-15 NBA regular season:

Russell Westbrook did, too:

But despite this, people still got on Harden's case when he walked into American Airlines Arena in Dallas late Sunday afternoon for Game 4 of the Rockets/Mavericks playoff series. Charles Barkley, in particular, made a joke about the "skirt" Harden was wearing during TNT's pre-game show:

And it led to quite a reaction on Twitter. Most people just casually wondered what Harden was wearing and left it at that. Others blamed the loss that his team suffered later on his outfit. But a handful of people also came right out and said that Harden's clothes—yes, his clothes—should be the reason that Steph Curry wins the NBA MVP award this season over Harden.

It seems…crazy. But there were quite a few NBA fans who said it. Scroll down to see all of the people who don't want to see Harden win the MVP award anymore after seeing what he wore last night.

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