In a piece that we published yesterday, Complex Sports Deputy Editor Maurice Peebles spoke with several Millennials who handle social media accounts for NBA teams and wrote about how these 20-somethings have been tasked with the big responsibility of serving as the voice for million and billion-dollar teams. Specifically, he wrote about how they're required to toe the line between being engaging and being controversial—and described some of the challenges they face. So it was a really weird coincidence when the Houston Rockets started making headlines late last night for sending out this tweet towards the end of their game/series against the Dallas Mavericks:

Was the tweet the worst thing in the world? Hardly. But it upset a lot of people and eventually forced the Rockets to delete it and post an apology:

And now, it seems it has also forced the team to fire the person responsible for it. Earlier this afternoon, former Rockets employee Chad Shanks sent out this tweet:

He also issued an apology of his own while simultaneously explaining why he sent out the tweet that he did:

And he wrapped things up by saying that he hopes some other company out there will value his ability to create entertaining content on social media:

The Rockets landed relatively high on our ranking of all 30 NBA Twitter accounts. So you wouldn't think that this guy would have any trouble finding work in light of all the good things that he did for Houston. But if you haven't checked it out yet, read the piece we published yesterday. It's more relevant now than ever.

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