According to a TMZ Sports report that was released last week, rapper Game was involved in a fight with an off-duty cop during a pickup basketball game in California late last month. Game and the off-duty officer, later identified as Onyebuchi Awaji, exchanged elbows during the contest. And while it's a little bit unclear what happened next—the video that TMZ Sports released, which you can see above, is short and doesn't show the entire altercation between the two men—Awaji claims Game sucker punched him in the head. Game later claimed self-defense, saying that Awaji had threatened to go and get a gun during the game. But a police investigation into the alleged assault is ongoing.

In the meantime, Awaji has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Game. He's suing Game because, according to him, he suffered brain damage as a result of the punch that the rapper threw. He also claims that Game fled the scene of the fight when he heard that the police were called.

Stay tuned to see what the police find. Regardless, Game picked a hell of a time to tattoo Mike Tyson's face on his hand, eh?

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[via TMZ Sports]