Rumours continue to swirl that Cristiano Ronaldo thinks his future lies in Major League Soccer.

Ronaldo's contract with Real Madrid expires in 2018 and while he'd almost certainly be welcomed with open arms at any club in Europe's elite leagues, reports seem to indicate that the Ballon d'Or winner wants to emulate David Beckham, Thierry Henry – and Andy O'Brien – by moving to the United States.

According to Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl, Ronaldo has even decided where he wants to play:

"I’ve learned that Ronaldo has now decided the city where he wants to be: Los Angeles.

It could be the Galaxy or LAFC, and while talks have yet to take place between Ronaldo and any MLS teams, L.A. is Ronaldo’s preferred destination. Meanwhile, I’m told it’s looking more likely every day that LAFC won’t start play until 2018. That means we could see Ronaldo debut for a new team in a new stadium that year." 

Exactly how Wahl has learned this information is something we're not sure about – but even the slightest rumour of Ronaldo moving to MLS is enough to get U.S. soccer fans pumped – and is sure to kill the dream of every nostalgic Man United fan.

[via Sports Illustrated