Charles Oakley saw what Chris Kaman did to Chris Paul during the Clippers/Trail Blazers game last night—and he was not impressed with the way that CP3's teammates responded.

As you can see in the video above, CP3 was standing near the baseline towards the end of the third quarter when Kaman shoved him out of bounds. Fifteen or 20 years ago, it probably would have led to an all-out brawl. But after Kaman pushed Paul...nothing. CP3 did confront Kaman once he got up off the ground, but the situation didn't escalate and none of CP3's teammates really came to his aid. Oakley saw this and called his teammates out for not doing more:

He's kind of got a point. We don't know if we necessarily wanted to see any of the Clippers fight Kaman. But what the hell was Glen "Big Baby" Davis doing?!

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[via Black Sports Online]