In the midst of all the wrasslin', stepping-on and groin-kicking, a basketball game transpired today between the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers. And, as many games featuring LeBron James usually do, there was an awesome, tomahawk jam that has become James' go-to move.

But two elderly women sitting courtside, who may or may not have been attending their very first basketball game, weren't sure how to process such a thundering slam. In fact, they seemed horrified. 

"Oh my goodness Louise, he's coming our way with the ball! And on the double!"

"Avert your eyes, Myrtle! He's going to harm that poor rim and I want no part of it! I'm so queasy when it comes to violence."

"You don't look either, Louise! Oh, this isn't how I wanted to go out. This is worse than when I forgot to wear my Depends to that Dave Matthews concert."

And then this dude is just like, "BRUH! I am never taking my side pieces to a Rockets game ever again."

Things get weird at the Toyota Center. 

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