On eBay, you can find almost anything you may need. You can also find a whole bunch of shit you totally don't. 

If you search "NBA Game Worn" or "NBA Game Used", you'll stumble upon a treasure trove of forgotten gems from basketball's heyday. Some of them are interesting items like Dominique Wilkins' rookie year game-worn Brooks sneakers or a Bulls jersey Dennis Rodman wore during his Championship run in '97. Both dope items.

Most of what you'll find, though, is TRASHHHH *Flexbomb*.

The majority of NBA players never became All-Stars, yet their stuff still had to end up somewhere. Most of the good stuff is probably framed in their homes, prominently displayed above fireplaces and on hallway walls. The rest? Well, see for yourself. From Horace Grant's kneepads to Chris Kaman's game-worn Dadas, these are 12 Terrible Game-Worn NBA Items You Can Get on eBay Right Now.