Dominick Blaylock, the son of former 1994 NBA All-Star and 13-year pro Mookie Blaylock, may only be 14 years old and in the eighth grade at Dickerson Middle School, but South Carolina already sees that he has a promising future in football. They believe it so much so that they have officially offered Dominick a scholarship when he visited the campus a few days ago. 

Maybe South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier points to his family ties which include the aforementioned Mookie and his two brothers, Daron and Zack, who play football for the University of Kentucky. However, there are other accolades, such as being considered one of the best players at the Adidas Middle School and Elite Talent Football showcase, supporting the Gamecocks' decision to offer him a scholarship to join the team in four years. 

Currently, Dominick is 5'11" and 165 pounds, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but he could be suiting up for his high school varsity team as a wide receiver as soon as next year. 

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