Michael Jordan is not only the greatest NBA player ever, he's also on pace to become the greatest Internet meme of all time. We don't know who was the first to think of putting MJ's head on various things, but we salute them. The Jordan crying head stems from his Hall of Fame speech and the Jordan laughing head (which also makes Mike look like he's crying) is from an Oprah interview he did alongside his good friend Charles Barkley. And now, you can find them on pictures and GIFs all over the web.

We scoured the Internet and Twitter to find some of the funniest ones. They're perfect for any occasion. One for when you get dunked on, one for when you get in a fight with a cat, one for when it's fucking lit, one for when there's no more lemon-pepper wings, etc. May this meme never die. Never! Check out The Definitive Guide To Using the Michael Jordan Crying Meme.

Angel Diaz is a staff writer for Complex Media. Follow him @ADiaz456.