Last night was a big night for LeBron James. His Cavaliers destroyed the Mavericks 127-94 on the road. He scored 27 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out eight assists during the game. And in the second quarter, he recorded his 4,207th assist as a Cavalier, breaking the all-time Cleveland franchise record previously held by Mark Price. And yet, both during and after the game, no one wanted to talk about any of that. Instead, they wanted to talk about...LeBron's headband.

For the first time ever, LeBron started a regular season game last night without a headband on. After the game, he pointed out that he also played without one in the preseason during his rookie year:

But since then, LeBron has been #teamheadband all the way. He has played portions of a few games without his headband—who can forget his Game 6 performance during the 2013 NBA Finals?—but for the most part, he's never played without it.

So when LeBron took the floor last night minus his headband, people couldn't get over it and described LeBron's new look with words like "weird," "strange," and, of course, "wtf." And while we could sit here and debate whether or not LeBron's choice of headwear is actually newsworthy (lots of people are upset about how much coverage it's getting today), there's no denying that people are having a hard time getting over what he did last night. Just check out some of the Twitter reactions that LeBron is getting to his headband-less game.