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If you Google "LeBron James locker room," there's one consistent thing in just about every photo. His uniform, headphones, and locker size has varied over the years, but in every photo, LeBron's fully-clothed, or just about. Not fresh out the shower, wrapped up in a towel, dong and butt possibly hanging out. Photographing those behind-the-scenes, potentially NSFW NBA moments would be an invasion of privacy, and anyway, still photography by reporters is prohibited in lock rooms. 

That didn't stop a handful of unprofessional media members this weekend in Orlando and Miami. Chris Haynes of writes today that there was an awkward incident between LeBron and one reporter after the Cavaliers' Sunday win over the Magic. After the game, while checking his phone at his locker, LeBron was wrapped in just a towel, and appeared to not be paying any attention to the group of reporters standing 10 feet away from him. (Scrolling through your phone and sitting down at the same time can be pretty addicting, believe it or not.)

He wasn't ready to speak to the media yet, and the surrounding reporters were respecting his space. Suddenly though, LeBron looked up with a quizzical expression, and called over a team official. He then turned his attention outward. "That's not cool, man," he said. "I don't miss anything."

LeBron was speaking directly to one of the media members in the scrum that had been patiently waiting for him. Apparently, LeBron noticed this person snapping a candid of the King's half-naked body with a cell phone. The photographer/possible SnapChat fiend denied taking any pictures, but according to Haynes, all he did was hide the shots deep within his phone. 

Following last night's loss to the Heat, two more media members were seen taking photos of LeBron at his locker. Again, LeBron was half-naked, but this time, he didn't have to embarrass anyone. Team officials, likely put on notice by Sunday's sneaks, caught the photographers red-handed and kicked them out of the locker room. Haynes says this issue—one of media members taking photos of LeBron in the semi-nude—has been an ongoing issue for him all season: 

The last few weeks the public relations staff has been forced to announce that there is no still photography permitted upon entering the locker room. Yet, some continue to snap away at who knows what.

When informed about the removal of two members of the press, all James could do was shake his head in disbelief. It has really reached the point of absurdity.

For photos of LeBron James standing half-naked in a locker room, feel free to visit Go there to see LeBron in all his chiseled, toweled glory—not an IRL locker room. Don't be creepy, guys. 

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