It's been almost two years now since Josh Smith played his final game with the Hawks before leaving Atlanta in free agency and signing with the PistonsBut it's pretty clear that there's still not a lot of love lost between him and the fans in Atlanta.

Last night, Smith—who now plays for the Rockets—was booed loudly during Houston's road game against the Hawks. So at one point, he shushed the crowd after hitting a three-pointer:

And after the game ended, he took a few parting shots at the Hawks fans. He called them "fickle" and criticized them for jumping on and off the Hawks' bandwagon.

"Those fans are fickle, very fickle," he said, "and bandwagoners. It really doesn't mean nothing to me."

He also questioned why they behaved the way they did towards him, given how much he did for local charities during his time in Atlanta.

"I'd been here for nine years," he said, "and all I did was positive things in the community and with the basketball team."

So far, there's been no response for Smith from the excellent @ATLHawks Twitter account. But you just know one is coming, right?

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