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#TigerGibbs has landed at SXSW. While in Austin for all the week's goodness, Freddie Gibbs found some time to put his athleticism through some serious tests. Mini-golf, the most delicate of all major sports, requires patience, timing, and a steady hand. Unfortunately, it appears that #TigerGibbs has none of those. Can't knock a man for the want of trying though.

He captioned the above Instagram video with this: "I been the best gangster rapper now I'm trying to be the best miniature golfer. I ain't doin shit at #SXSW but smokin weed and playin putt-putt lol #ESGN hoe 😂😂😂 #TigerGibbs."

So actually, he's got plenty of time on his hands at SXSW. He's been able to find weed and what appears to be a mini-golf set-up in someone's backyard (the fence and potted plant arrangements are too home-y). That's automatically better than the all the shows and panels down in Austin. (Most of all, it seems like he's found some peace and quiet.) Not many individuals can afford to stroll around a mini-golf course without shoes or a shirt, especially while everyone's #working at SXSW, but #TigerGibbs is all about two things: Leisure, and making the damn putt off a small rock wall. Best of luck with that putt, Tiger. 

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