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It's a damn shame the New Orleans Pelicans aren't on national television more often, because Anthony Davis is quickly becoming the type of player that is mandatory viewing each and every night. 

In tonight's installment of "Anthony Davis is Not Human," Davis blocks a shot on one end, then catches and throws down an alley-oop that looked like it was about to sail ten feet over his head. That is, until Davis activated his go-go gadget arms, caught it at the height of his vertical reach, and slams it home.

He wasn't done. He also stuck a jumper in Kenneth Faried's face with 12 seconds left to put the Pelicans up 101-99. Alas, Faried made a lay-up on the other end, and the Denver Nuggets won in double overtime.

Still, when it was all said and done, Davis' statline looked like this: 36 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists and nine blocks. The dude almost had a quadruple-double. We bow down to you, Anthony Davis, God of Basketball. 

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[Via Ananth Padian and UkhanNBA]