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Some dude in a black Illuminati shirt sent to Earth to destroy LeBron James by the secret society sitting courtside at the Amway Center in Orlando decided he would impress his girl by slapping the ball away from LeBron James as the Cleveland Cavaliers all-star tried to save it from going out of bounds. 

As it turns out, this was a terrible idea. James knew immediately what had happened, and started barking at the ref while giving the fan the most terrifying death stare he's ever gotten in his life. Immediately admitting his mistake, the culprit attempted to apologize to LeBron, pulling one of those "Woah man chill I totally didn't even mean to do that, our moms are best friends you know I'd never do anything mean to you" moves that guys tend to do once they realize the giant man in front of them is supremely pissed off. His girl, meanwhile, looks as if she's about to witness a murder right in front of her very eyes. 

The game moved forward, but not until the fan was put on blast by the PA who had to announce that, because of the fan's interference, the ball would be rewarded to the Cavaliers. 

So hey, fans sitting courtside, probably refrain from interfering with a live ball when one of the best players alive is running over to grab it. Though, looking on the bright side, this guy's local t-shirt company surely got off the ground with all the camera time he got. Aside from the pictured Illuminati gem, be on the lookout for his next tee, with the phrase "I Got Yelled at By LeBron James and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt," coming soon out of Orlando. 

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[Via The Cauldron]