Following his arrest for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in Phoenix, early Monday morning after the Super Bowl, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was sent packing by the NFL Network. And according to one report, some of his former colleagues weren’t upset to see him go. A slew of NFL Network employees went as far as to say that there was a “Sapp Disclaimer” during the former Tampa Bay Buc’s time working there.

That disclaimer includes fellow employees being advised not to look Sapp in the eye, the widely-held belief that it wasn’t advantageous to befriend him, and that he was to be referred to solely by his first name.

Others played it cooler with their assessment of Sapp. “Just unpredictable,” was how another employee described him.

“Warren had one too many chances to get it right, and it just didn’t work out for him,” a former co-worker said. “We all wish him well in the end.”

At least this dude followed the Sapp Disclaimer, right?

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